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This window provides payables information pertaining to a bill of exchange.

To open the window, choose   Banking   Bill of Exchange   Bill of Exchange – Payables  .

Bill of Exchange – Payables Window
To Order of

Code and name of the vendor who received the bill of exchange.


Address specified in the Pay to field in the Outgoing Payment.


Number of the bill of exchange.


Reference for the bill of exchange and a link to the outgoing payment document.

Posting Date

Posting date of the bill of exchange.

Due Date

Due date of the bill of exchange.

Note Note

For Japan localization, the due date of a BoE can be changed in Generated and Sent status.

You can get the change log from the change tracking functionality.

End of the note.

Current status of this bill of exchange.


User code of the person who recorded the bill of exchange.

Bill of Exchange - History

Opens the Bill of Exchange – History window, with all the historical statuses of the current bill of exchange and a link to each transaction.


Remarks entered in the incoming payment document.

Example Example

Invoice number.

End of the example.

Amount paid in this bill of exchange.

Amount in Words

Amount paid in this bill of exchange – in words.

Country, Bank, Account, Branch, Control Key

Details of the house bank linked to the bill of exchange.

Journal Remarks

Specify any comments regarding the journal entry posted by this bill of exchange.

Country-Specific Fields: Chile
Folio Number

The Folio number assigned to the bill of exchange paid. You can change it if required.