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To access the Credit Card tab in the Payment Means window, choose   Banking   Incoming Payments   Incoming Payments  . Alternatively, choose   Banking   Outgoing Payments   Outgoing Payments  . On the toolbar, choose Payment Means (Payment Means). In the Payment Means window, choose the Credit Card tab.

Note Note

If you choose to pay by credit card or receive a payment through credit card, the corresponding journal entry will be non-changeable.

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Payment Means: Credit Card Tab Fields
Credit Card Name

Specify the credit card used to make the payment.

G/L Account

Incoming Payments

The account defined for the selected credit card in the Credit Card – Setup window. If required, specify another account.

Outgoing Payments

Specify the account to be credited when the outgoing payment is added.

Credit Card No., Valid Until

For incoming payment documents:

Specify the number and valid-until date (in the format MM/YY) of the credit card.

ID No., Telephone No.

Specify the ID number and the phone number of the card owner.

Payment Method

Specify the required payment method.

Amount Due

Specify the amount paid with the credit card.

No. of Payments, First Partial Payment, Each Add. Payment

Specify the number of partial payments for this transaction, and the amount of the first partial payment.

SAP Business One automatically calculates the amount that is to be paid with future payments, and displays it in the Each Add. Payment field. Rounding results are added to the first payment.

Note Note

Available for incoming payment documents only if the selected payment method enables the creation of multiple partial payments.

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Voucher No.

Specify the number of the credit card voucher.

Transaction Type

For incoming payment documents:

Specify whether the transaction is a telephone transaction or a regular transaction.

Split Credit Voucher

For outgoing payment documents:

Creates a separate row in the journal entry for each partial payment.


All credit cards defined in the Credit Cards – Setup window. The credit card selected in the Credit Card Name field is marked. To create vouchers for an additional credit card, choose Define New in this list.

Tel. for Approval, Company ID

Telephone number for approval as defined for the credit card, and company ID that should be used when calling for approval.


Total amount paid with this transaction.

Country-Specific Fields: China, Korea and Japan
Primary Form Item

This field appears in the drop-down list that contains all the active primary form items.

After defining the cash flow line items in the Cash Flow Line Items - Setup window, specify from the Combined Cash Flow Assignment window, the primary form line item that is assigned to the cash relevant transaction.

Note Note

You can change the cash flow line item:

  • After the payment is executed, unless the payment is a credit card partial or split payment

  • At a later stage, in the corresponding journal entry or original transaction, unless the transaction has been cancelled

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