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This window displays the Payment Drafts Report.

To open the window, choose   Banking   Banking Reports   Payment Drafts Report  .

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Payment Drafts Report Window

To display drafts created by a particular user, specify this user. Super users can view drafts created by all users, while regular users can view only those drafts that they have created.

Open Only

Displays only the drafts that were not added as regular payment documents.

Incoming Payments

Displays drafts created for incoming payments.

Outgoing Payments

Displays drafts created for outgoing payments.


Type of document: incoming or outgoing payment.

Posting Date

Posting date of the payment document.

Document Total

Total payment amount.

Document Remarks

Remarks specified in the Remarks fields of the payment document.


Indicates whether or not the status of the draft is closed. After the draft is added and becomes a regular document, its status changes to closed.