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For Israel and Panama localizations, use this window to import an external bank statement from electronic files provided by the bank.

To open the window, choose   Banking   Bank Statements and External Reconciliations   Process External Bank Statement.  In the Process External Bank Statement window, from the G/LAccount dropdown list, select G/L Account. Specify the code of the G/L account for which you want to record the statement and choose the Import from File button.

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If you record transactions from business partner statements, you cannot use the Import from File function.

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This topic documents fields and other elements in this window that either are not self-explanatory or require additional information.

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Import External Bank Statement Window
Bank Format

From the dropdown list, select the file format that matches the electronic file provided by the bank.

Data File

To identify a file from which the data is imported, either specify the complete file name or search for a file on your computer using the Browse button.


Choose to search for the file on your computer. SAP Business One displays the path for the selected file in the Data File field. After you select a file, the table at the bottom of the window displays the information stored in the file.

Current Balance

Displays the current balance of the selected account as it appears in the Current Balance field in the last row of the external bank statement.


Displays the date on which the transaction was recorded at the bank.

Ref., Details, Value

Displays the relevant data as recorded in the file received from the bank.


Displays the cumulative balance of the account.

Credit, Debit

Amount according to bank statement.

Projected Balance

Displays the account balance calculated as if the transactions had been recorded in the company database.


Choose to copy the data displayed in the table into the Process External Bank Statement window.