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Use this tab to classify sales opportunities according to the business partner channel and other factors.

To access this tab, from the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Sales Opportunities   Sales Opportunity   General  .

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General Tab Fields
BP Channel Code

If required, specify the business partner channel.

Channels are business partners with whom your company can provide services in certain sales transactions.

BP Channel Name

Name of the business partner channel.

BP Channel Contact

Name of the default contact person for the business partner channel; editable.


Insert any relevant comments.

BP Project

Specify the project that you want to relate to the specified business partner. If you defined the project for the specified business partner in the BP master data, the field displays the project code by default.

Information Source

Specify the catalyst for initial customer interest.

Possible sources: newspaper articles, exhibitions, personal contacts.


Specify an industry related to the business partner channel.

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