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Follow this procedure to deposit cash and postdated checks.


1. Choose   Banking   Deposits   Deposit   Checks.  

2. Select one of the following:

  • Cash Checks – if you want to deposit checks as cash. If you select this option, go to step 3.

  • Postdated Checks – if you want to deposit checks as postdated. If you select this option, go to step 4.

3. In the Considered Until field, specify the date until which checks with the same or an earlier due date are considered as cash checks. The current date is displayed by default. Go to step 5.

4. In the Consider From...To... fields, specify a date range. All checks with a due date within this range are considered as postdated checks. The dates of the next day and the last day of the fiscal year are displayed by default.

5. To display in the table the check you want to deposit, specify all the parameters (Currency, Display Checks From).

6. Select the checks to be deposited.

7. To record the deposit in the database, choose Add.


When a deposit is added, the following occur:

  • A journal entry is created. Its number is displayed on the deposit document.

  • The status of the deposited checks changes. When you view these checks in the check fund, you see the details of the deposit.

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