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Use this window to specify selection criteria to filter the recommendations generated and saved in MRP runs. If you have run a scenario and saved the recommendations for several times, the application stores the results of the latest MRP run and deletes the results of the previous run.

To open this window, choose   MRP   Order Recommendation  .

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This topic documents fields and other elements in this window that either are not self-explanatory or require additional information.

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Order Recommendation - Selection Criteria Fields
Order Type

Select the order recommendation type:

  • All

  • Production Orders

  • Purchase Orders

  • Purchase Quotations

  • Inventory Transfer Requests


Select the MRP scenario whose recommendations you want to process.

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Simulation scenarios are not displayed in this list.

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Due Date From... To...

Enter the range of due dates for the production orders, or delivery dates for purchase orders. Recommendations are displayed for the selected date range.

Items: Properties

Opens the Properties window, proceeds as follows:

  • Select Ignore Properties.

  • Deselect Ignore Properties and select one or more Items Property checkboxes.

Vendors: Properties

Opens the Properties window.

In the Properties window, proceeds as follows:

  • Select Ignore Properties.

  • Select one or more Business Partners Property checkboxes.

This option is available only when you select Purchase Orders, Purchase Quotations, or All for order types.