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Use this area to enter the main information about a deposit.

To open the window, choose   Banking   Deposits   Deposit  .

Deposit: General Area
Deposit No., Series

Deposit number according to the selected numbering Series.

Deposit Date

Specify the date of the deposit. The current date is displayed by default.

Considered From...To...

Available only if Postdated Checks is selected on the Checks tab. Specify the date range within which checks are to be considered as postdated.

Considered Until

Available only if Cash Checks is selected on the Checks tab. Enter a date to specify that all checks with a due date equal to or earlier than this date should be considered as cash.

Date From...To...

Available only if the Credit Card tab is selected. Enter a date range to specify that credit card vouchers within this range should be deposited.

Deposit Currency

Specify the currency of the deposit. Once a currency is selected, only checks/credit card vouchers/cash of this currency may be deposited.

[G/L Account/BP]

When the Checks tab or Credit Card tab is selected, choose whether to perform the deposit to a bank account or to a business partner, and specify the G/L account or BP code.

Note Note

If you want to deposit checks to business partners, ensure that the checks are endorsable. After being deposited to business partners, a check is considered as both deposited and endorsed. When this kind of check is canceled, it is also considered as not endorsed.

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Deferred Pmt Acct

Specify the account to which credit card vouchers with a due date later than the deposit date should be deposited. Available only if the Credit Card tab is selected.

Bank, Branch, Account

Specify the details of the bank in which the deposit was made, as displayed on the deposit form.

Bank Reference

Specify the reference assigned to the deposit by the bank.


Specify the name of the person who made the deposit.

Journal Remarks

Specify any remarks relevant to the journal entry created by the deposit.

Trans. No.

Journal entry number for this deposit.

Total Commissions

Clicking opens the Commission window, where you can define the commission rate that should be paid for the deposit. Available only if the Credit Card tab is selected.

Reconcile Amounts After Deposit

Automatically performs reconciliation of the amounts deposited. Available only if the Checks or Credit Card tab is selected.

Country-Specific field: Brazil

Select a branch for which you want to create the deposit.

Note Note

This field is available only if you have enabled multiple branches.

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Country-Specific Field: India
Seq. Name

Specify a sequence from the drop-down list. The system generates the sequence automatically.

Note Note

This field appears only for documents that are assigned a sequence.

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