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If your company provides support services to its customers, you can manage all activities related to those services using the service component.

For example, you can:

  • Manage the interaction between service representatives and customers.

  • Maintain information on service contracts, items, and serial numbers as well as customer complaints and inquiries.

  • Monitor and manage the activities of your service department by using standard and custom reports that assist managers and support staff in their daily work.

  • Optimize the potential of your sales and service departments and generate additional revenue by supporting business functions such as:

    • Service operations

    • Service contract management

    • Service planning

    • Tracking of customer interaction activities

    • Customer support

    • Management of sales opportunities

  • Create a knowledge base of solutions for issues raised by your customers. You can manage this knowledge base according to your items; therefore, when a certain problem reoccurs, you can reduce the time required to solve it by searching for solutions by item.

Note Note

To use the service module to support your services operations, you must be familiar with the serial numbers functionality. For details on serial numbers, see the document How to Manage Serial Numbers in 2007 A and 2007 B, which you can download from the documentation area of SAP Business One Customer Portal (

End of the note.

To support your services operations, you work with the following objects in SAP Business One:

  • A service call enables you to resolve customer complaints or inquiries and deal with item-related problems.

  • Customer equipment cards form the database that contains all serial number items for which service can be physically provided.

  • A service contract is a formal or legally binding agreement that defines the services that exchanged for a payment. It enables a customer to receive service for specific items and serial numbers.

  • A service queue enables you to categorize and manage service calls. For example, you can set up service queues for individual customers, for categories of items, or for teams in your service department.

  • The solutions knowledge base includes solutions for various problems and situations. It helps streamline service and speed up the performance of service representatives.

  • Reports enable you to view and analyze data related to service contracts, customer equipment, and service calls. You can check service calls of individual sales representatives or those reported by certain customers. You can evaluate the efficiency and performance of your company’s service operations.