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You use service calls to manage service and support activities that you provide to your customers; for example, to track customers’ complaints and problems, to provide solutions to these problems, and to view the activities and expenses related to these problems. These services may be covered by a service contract or warranty, or a customer can pay for the service call. You can open a service call for an item even if a corresponding customer equipment card or a service contract has not been defined.

You can:

  • Document whether the service call was opened due to a phone call, e-mail, or fax; through the Internet; or by any other communication means.

  • Manage your activities (tasks, meetings, or notes related to the service call) while solving the problem.

  • Manage repairs and create invoices for expenses related to the service call.

  • Search for solutions to the problem in a solutions knowledge base and record new solutions.

  • Keep track of the service call history.

  • Schedule service calls.