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Use this tab to display all actions related to the service call. All updates and changes appear under the corresponding date and time.

To access the tab, from the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Service   Service Call   and select the History tab.

The number of updates displayed in the History tab is determined by the setting of the History / Log field on the Services tab, in   Administration   System Initialization   General Settings  . For more information, see General Settings: Services Tab.

The History tab displays the following updates:

  • Service call created

  • Response due by

  • Response added

  • Resolution due by

  • Resolution added

  • Reassigning

  • Status changed

  • Priority changed

  • Solution added

  • Solution removed

  • Activity added

  • Service call closed

  • Expenses document added

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History Fields
Date of Update, Update Time

The date and time on which the service call record was updated.


Description of the update, for example, service call created, activity added, and so on

Previous Value

Previous value, if any, of an updated field

New Value

New value of the updated field