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Use this window to display a list of recommended solutions to the service call problem and to select relevant solutions. The selected solutions appear in the Service Call window on the Solutions tab.

To open the window, from the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Service   Service Call  , select the Solutions tab, and choose the Recommend button.

To link a solution to the service call, select a row or a number of rows and choose the Choose button.

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You can remove a solution from a service call using one of the following methods:

  • Right-click a solution row and choose Delete Row.

  • Select a row and from the menu bar choose   Data   Delete Row  .

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This topic documents fields and other elements in this window that either are not self-explanatory or require additional information.

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Recommended Solutions Window Fields
Created on

The date on which the solution was added to the Solutions Knowledge Base.


Employee who created the solution


Description of the solution to the problem


Select the status of the solution: Internal, Publish, Review, or others.

To define new statuses, from the dropdown list, select Define New.

The Solution Statuses – Setup window opens.

You specify the name and description of the new status and update the status information.


Opens the Solutions Knowledge Base window, in which you can look for additional solutions other than the recommended ones.


Includes the solution you selected in the service call.