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In this step, specify whether you want to start a new migration run or load an executed migration run.

Wizard Options Fields
Start a New Migration Run

Select the option to create a new migration run.

Load Executed Migration Runs

Select this option to view the details of previously executed migration runs.

Note Note

The following fields are available only if you have selected the Load Executed Migration Runs option.

End of the note.

Enter the name of the executed migration run for which you want to view the details.

Migration Run Name

Displays the names of the previously executed migration runs.


Displays the date on which each migration run is carried out.


Displays one of the following:

  • Successful – Indicates all the objects are successfully migrated.

  • Partially Successful – Indicates some objects are successfully migrated while some are not.

  • Failed – Indicates no objects are migrated.


Displays the remarks of each depreciation run.