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Choosing Enterprise’s Profit Distribution Report in step 1 of the GB Interface wizard opens the Enterprise’s Profit Distribution Report – Selection Criteria window. Use this window to specify selection criteria for exporting the Enterprise’s Profit Distribution report.

Enterprise’s Profit Distribution Report - Selection Criteria
Report No.

Specify the report number. The application uses the number of the previous report as its current default.

Date From... To...

Specify the required posting period for the report. The default value is the current year.

Note Note

To generate a report for a specific financial period, click and choose the required period.

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Specify a template for displaying the report.

Note Note

Template Settings

The application provides a new report template: Profit Distribution (  Financials   Financials Report Templates   ). You can choose the (default) official template, which complies with the National Standard of PRC, or you can define a new one.

Financial Report Template – Expansion Window

Double-click a line item to display the Financial Report Templates – Expansion window. This window contains a column of calculation methods. Select a method to calculate the report value for last year and for the current year, respectively.

Calculation Methods


Calculation Method


Beginning Balance of Current Period


End Balance of Current Period


Current Period in Debit


Current Period in Credit


Current Period in Both


End Balance of Last Year


Accumulated Current Period in Debit


Accumulated Current Period in Credit

Net Income Checkbox

Financials report templates contain a new checkbox: Net Income.

In the profit distribution template, once you select the Net Income checkbox next to an item, the application enables you to choose a template of profit and loss statements.

  1. The item marked as Net Income in the Profit Distribution report gets its value directly from the item marked as Net Income in the profit and loss statements.

  2. You cannot define multiple line items as Net Income.

  3. Once a profit and loss statement is linked with a Profit Distribution report, you cannot remove it.

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