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It may be useful to classify your business partners by groups, for example, according to the sector or size of your customer. Vendors can be grouped according to their business areas or the business transactions achieved with them.

You can assign a business partner to only one group. You can use the groups to do the following:

  • Format reports and evaluations

  • Sort data and make selections, such as evaluating your sales figures for each sector

You assign a group when you process the master data of a business partner.

If one field in the master record is not sufficient to map the properties you require, you can also use the properties of the business partners (see Defining Business Partner Properties) and the user fields, which can be defined individually.

  1. From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose    Administration   Setup   Business Partners   Customer Groups (or Vendor Groups)  .

    The cursor appears in the first empty row in the window.

  2. Enter a descriptive name for the group and choose Update.

    To change the name of a group, overwrite the current entry and choose Update.

  3. Choose any price list in the Price List column, as required. The selected price list is assigned to the customer/vendor by default when the particular customer/vendor group is selected in the Business Partner Master Data.

    Note Note

    All price lists or only active price lists can be selected in this field, according to the setting made in the Display Inactive Price Lists in: Settings checkbox. For more information, see General Settings: Pricing Tab.

    End of the note.

    Note Note

    If you change the price list displayed here to the empty option (no price list), the price list for all business partners who belong to the particular customer/vendor group will be assigned from the payment terms price list. For more information, see Business Partner Master Data: Payment Terms Tab.

    End of the note.
  4. Choose any option in the Effective Discount column, as required. The selected option is assigned by default when a new Business Partner Master Data is created, or when the Business Partner Master Data group is changed. The selected effective discount affects the discount calculation whenever there is more than one discount defined for the business partner in the Discount Groups window. For more information, see Business Partner Master Data: Payment Terms Tab.

  5. After making all your entries, choose OK.

When you process a master record, you select the group from a dropdown list. Therefore, it is convenient to have the groups you use most frequently at the beginning of the list. Unless you specify a particular group, the master record is assigned automatically to the first entry in the list.

To remove a business partner group, select the relevant row and from the menu bar choose   Data   Remove   Update.