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After you have performed manual or semiautomatic external reconciliations, and even after automatic external reconciliations, you may discover that there is an incorrect match between transactions. To address this situation, you can re-create previous external reconciliations.

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For certain localizations, you cannot re-create reconciliations created with the localized function for manually reconciling transactions. For more information, see Manually Reconciling Bank Statements: AU, BR, CA, CN, CY, GB, IN.

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  1. From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Banking   Bank Statements and External Reconciliations   Manage Previous External Reconciliations  .

  2. In the Manage Previous External Reconciliations - Selection Criteria window, select to display previous reconciliations for business partners or for G/L accounts. Specify the selection criteria and choose the OK button.

  3. In the upper table in the Manage Previous External Reconciliations window, select the relevant reconciliation you want to re-create and choose the Redo button.

  4. In the system message, click Continue.


SAP Business One cancels the selected the reconciliation, opens the External Reconciliation window, and displays the relevant transactions to be reconciled again. You can then make the necessary changes and reconcile the transaction. For more information, see Manually Performing External Reconciliations.