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Learn about the system tables in the SAP Replication Server System Database (RSSD) or Embedded RSSD (ERSSD). System tables are stored in a dedicated database—Adaptive Server for RSSD or SQL Anywhere ERSSD.

Access to the system tables is restricted to users with sa permission, or members of the <rs_systabgroup> group. The system tables are maintained by RCL commands and must not be directly modified. To alter server values found in the <rs_config> table, use the configure replication server command.

For more information about the <rs_systabgroup> group, see repserver. For information about configure replication server, see configure replication server.

The system tables include the user-defined datatype <rs_id> that is defined as <binary(8)>. It is used for columns that hold object names. For more information about identifiers, see Identifiers.

The <rs_lastcommit> and <rs_threads> system tables are documented in this chapter, although these tables are created and stored in each user database, not in the RSSD or ERSSD.