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Provides status information about routes.

rs_helproute [<replication_server>]

The name of a Replication Server for which you want route status information.

Example 1

The route from TOKYO_RS to SYDNEY_RS is currently active.

route                         route_status
-------------------------     ------------
TOKYO_RS -----> SYDNEY_RS      Active
  • Unless you specify the <replication_server> parameter, rs_helproute displays information for all the routes known to the current Replication Server.

  • If you supply a <replication_server>, information displays only for routes to and from that Replication Server.

  • Replication Server uses a defined protocol to create and drop a route between the source and destination Replication Servers. During this protocol, the route goes through various states. rs_helproute, executed on the RSSD at the source or destination Replication Server, shows the current state of the protocol.

  • For each route, rs_helproute returns two types of information:
    • Route status

      Status reflects the state of the route protocol. The information for each route depends on where you execute rs_helproute—at the route’s source or destination.

    • List of system table subscriptions

      If you are creating a route, information is displayed about system table subscriptions that are being created. If you are dropping a route, this list tells you which system table subscriptions are being dropped.

      Routing protocols usually process system table subscriptions. This information helps you determine which subscriptions prevent you from proceeding to the next step in the protocol. If no system table subscriptions are listed, the protocol is currently not having problems with system table subscriptions.

      Incomplete materialization or dematerialization of system table subscriptions is a common problem. If you notice any problems while creating, dropping, or altering routes, examine rs_helproute output for information about subscription status.