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Displays information on replication definition versions in the current Replication Server.

rs_helprepversion {<repdef_name> | <repdef_version_id>}

The replication definition name.


The replication definition version ID.

Example 1

Displays information on all versions of the replication definition when you provide the replication definition name—types11_pdb1.

rs_helprepversion types11_pdb1

The output is:

Repdef Version Name             Repdef Version ID    Active    Active
                                                     Inbound   Oubound
types11_pdb1                    0x0107006500000067   Yes       No
rs_drp01060065000000674a955c45  0x0106006500000067   No        Yes
rs_drp01050065000000674a955c40  0x0105006500000067   No        No
rs_drp01040065000000674a955c3f  0x0104006500000067   No        No
rs_drp01030065000000674a955c3d  0x0103006500000067   No        No
rs_drp01020065000000674a955c3c  0x0102006500000067   No        No
rs_drp01010065000000674a955c3b  0x0101006500000067   No        No
rs_drp01000065000000674a955c3a  0x0100006500000067   No        No
(return status = 0)
Example 2

If you specify a replication definition version by providing the replication definition version ID, such as 0x0106006500000067 in this example, rs_helprepversion displays both the general and column information of the replication definition version:

rs_helprepversion 0x0106006500000067

The output is:

Repdef Version Name              Repdef Version ID    Active    Active
                                                      Inbound   Oubound
rs_drp01060065000000674a955c45   0x0106006500000067   No        Yes
Column      Replicate   Datatype  Len   Pri  Searchable  Ref       Ref
Name        Col Name                    Col              Objowner  Objname
----------- ----------- --------- ----- ---- ----------- --------- -------
charcol     charcol     varchar   255    0        0
floatcol    floatcol    float       8    0        0
datecol     datecol     datetime    8    0        0
smdatecol   smdatecol   smalldatet  4    0        0
moneycol    moneycol    money       8    0        0
smmoneycol  smmoneycol  smallmoney  4    0        0
intcol      intcol      int         4    0        0
smintcol    smintcol    smallint    2    0        0
tinyintcol  tinyintcol  tinyint     1    0        0
row_num     row_num     int         4    1        0
(return status = 0)

rs_helprepversion displays information on replication definition versions:

  • Active inbound replication definition version – used by the Executor to pack data into the inbound queue.

  • Active outbound replication definition version – used by the Distributor to pack data into the outbound queues.