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Displays information about Replication Server partitions.

rs_helppartition [<partition_name>]

A string of characters that corresponds to a partition name. The string must match an entire partition name or the first part of a name.

Example 1

To display summary information about all available partitions on the Replication Server, enter:

You see:
Displaying all partitions known to 'TOKYO_RS'.
Logical Name  Size (MB)  Segments Allocated (MB)
------------  ---------  -----------------------
partition_1          20                        3
auto_winp           200                        3
Example 2

To display detailed information about the partition_1 partition, enter:

rs_helppartition partition_1
You see:
Information for stable device: 'partition_1' on 'TOKYO_RS'.
This device is active.

Physical Name                            Partition ID
---------------------------------------  ------------
/remote/tyrell2/app/dev/tokyo_rs_p1.dat           101

Partition Size (MB)  Segments Allocated (MB)
-------------------  -----------------------
                 20                        5

Inbound Database Queue(s) on this partition:
Connection Name      Number of Segments
-------------------  ------------------
LDS.pubs2                             1
TOKYO_RS.TOKYO_RSSD                   1

Outbound Database Queue(s) on this partition:
Connection Name      Number of Segments
-------------------  ------------------
LDS.pubs2                             1
TOKYO_RS.TOKYO_RSSD                   1

Outbound Replication Server Queue(s) on this partition:
Connection Name      Number of Segments
-------------------  ------------------
SYDNEY_RS                             1
  • If you do not specify any parameters, rs_helppartition lists summary information about all of the Replication Server partitions including partitions that you create manually and automatically resizable partitions.

  • If you supply a <partition_name> string, rs_helppartition displays information about any partition whose name matches <partition_name>.

  • If the <partition_name> string exactly matches a partition name, detailed information about the partition displays, including logical and physical name, total size, number of 1MB segments allocated from each partition, and queues on the partition.

  • If the <partition_name> string does not exactly match a partition name, summary information displays for any partitions whose names match <partition_name> or for all known partitions.