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Displays the function-string information for function strings with function-string-class scope.

rs_helpclassfstring <class_name
>[, <function_name>]

The function-string class for which you want to view function strings.


A string of characters that corresponds to a function name. The string must match an entire function name or the first part of a name.

Example 1

Displays parameters and function-string text for all functions of the function-string class <rs_sqlserver_function_class>.

rs_helpclassfstring rs_sqlserver_function_class
Example 2

Displays the function-string text for the rs_usedb function of <rs_sqlserver_function_class>.

rs_helpclassfstring rs_sqlserver_function_class, rs_usedb
 Function Name  FString Name FSClass Name
 -------------- ------------ ---------------------------
 rs_usedb       rs_usedb     rs_sqlserver_function_class
 FString Text
     use ?rs_destination_db!sys_raw?
  • If you do not supply a <function_name> parameter, rs_helpclassfstring displays all function strings defined for all functions of the function-string class.

  • If you supply a <function_name> string, rs_helpclassfstring displays function strings that match <function_name>, such as rs_insert, rs_delete, rs_update, and rs_select, or a user-defined function.

  • Non-customized, inherited function strings are not displayed for derived function-string classes.