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Displays error classes and function-string classes and their primary Replication Server and, in the case of inherited classes, the parent class.

rs_helpclass [<class_name>]

A string of characters that corresponds to an error class or function-string class name. The string must match an entire name or the first part of a name.

Example 1

Displays information about all error classes and function-string classes for the Replication Server.

Function String Class(es)     PRS for CLASS      Parent Class
----------------------------- ------------------ ------------------------
rs_default_function_class     Not Yet Defined.   Base class
rs_sqlserver_function_class   Not Yet Defined.   Base class
sqlserver2_function_class     TOKYO_RS           rs_default_function_class

Error Class(es)                PRS for CLASS
------------------------------ ------------------------------------------
rs_db2_error_class             Not Yet Defined.
rs_msss_error_class            Not Yet Defined.
rs_oracle_error_class          Not Yet Defined.
rs_sqlserver_error_class       Not Yet Defined.
rs_udb_error_class             Not Yet Defined

RepServer Error Class(es)      PRS for CLASS
------------------------------ ------------------------------------------
rs_repserver_error_class       Not Yet Defined.
Example 2
Displays information about the <sqlserver2_function_class >function-string class.
rs_helpclass sqlserver2_function_class


Use the command admin show_function_classes to get more information about error classes and function-string classes.

  • If you do not enter any parameters, rs_helpclass lists all defined error classes and function-string classes.

  • If you supply a <class_name> string, rs_helpclass lists error classes and function-string classes that match <class_name>.

  • If a class is not defined at a Replication Server, which is true of default classes for Adaptive Server, rs_helpclass lists it as undefined and tells you how to define it.