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Helps you estimate stable queue size requirements. Use with the rs_fillcaptable stored procedure.

rs_capacity <TranDuration>, <FailDuration>, <SaveInterval>, <MatRows>

The duration, in seconds, of the longest transaction. The default is up to 5 seconds.


The length in time, in minutes, that the queue must retain information during a failure. The default is 60 minutes.


The length of time, in minutes, that messages should be retained after they have been confirmed as received. The default is 1 minute.


The number of rows to be materialized in a subscription. The default is 1000 rows.

Example 1

For the example scenario described for the rs_fillcaptable stored procedure, use rs_capacity with the following parameters.

 60,    /* TranDuration maximum 60 seconds */
 360,   /* FailDuration 6 hours */
 10,    /* SaveInterval 10 minutes */
 3500   /* Materialize 3500 rows */

rs_capacity returns an estimate of the queue sizes needed for each queue. It also gives an estimate of the subscription materialization queue size needed, based on the replication definition and the number of rows to materialize.

  • rs_capacity uses the data in the <rs_captable> table (created using the rs_fillcaptable stored procedure) to calculate estimates of stable queue size requirements. Execute rs_capacity after you have described replication definitions using rs_fillcaptable.