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Insert ticket to the <rs_ticket_history> table.

Example 1
A sample of the customized rs_ticket_report:
alter function string rs_ticket_report
   for rs_sqlserver_function_class
   output language 
      'insert rs_ticket_history(h1,h2,h3,h4,
         pdb,prs,rrs,rdb,pdb_t,exec_t, dist_t,rsi_t,
      values(?h1!param?, ?h2!param?, ?h3!param?,
         ?h4!param?, ?rs_origin_db!sys?, ?prs!param?,
         ?rrs!param?, ?rs_destination_db!sys?,
         ?pdb!param?, ?exec!param?, ?dist!param?,
         ?rsi!param?, ?dsi!param?, ?b!param?,
         ?rsi_b!param?, ?dsi_t!param?, ?dsi_c!param?,
  • rs_ticket_report has function-string class scope.

  • rs_ticket_report writes rs_ticket information to the <rs_ticket_history> table. However, you can customize the rs_ticket_report to use the rs_ticket information as you require.

    For information about the <rs_ticket_history> parameters, see "rs_ticket_history."

  • To disable rs_ticket_report, set the connection configuration parameter dsi_rs_ticket_report to off.