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Allocates a text pointer for a <text>, <unitext>, or <image> column.

Example 1

Creates an rs_textptr_init function string for the <copy> column in the <blurbs> table.

create function string blurbs_rep.rs_textptr_init;copy
   for sqlserver2_function_class
   output language
      'update blurbs set copy = NULL
           where au_id = ?au_id!new?'
  • Replication Server executes rs_textptr_init when a row arrives, indicating that modifications were made at the primary database, which caused a text pointer allocation for the <text>, <unitext>, or <image> column. It it also executed when Replication Server needs to do a writetext operation at the replicate database and the text pointer has not been allocated.

  • The rs_textptr_init function has replication definition scope.

  • For each replicated <text>, <unitext>, or <image> column in a replication definition, Replication Server generates an rs_textptr_init function string for the <rs_sqlserver_function_class> and <rs_default_function_class> classes when you create the replication definition.

  • If you use a user-created base function-string class, create an rs_textptr_init function string for each replicated <text>, <unitext>, or <image> column included in the replication definition.

  • Create or customize an rs_textptr_init function string at the Replication Server where you created the replication definition.

  • ExpressConnect for Oracle and ExpressConnect for HANA DB do not use LOB pointers to manage LOB data. Consequently, the Replication Server system functions used to managing LOB pointers are unavailable to ExpressConnect for Oracle and ExpressConnect for HANA DB. These functions–which include rs_get_textptr, rs_textptr_init, and rs_writetext–are visible to ExpressConnect, but their use is ignored by Replication Server.