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Configures a data server connection to accept quoted identifiers.


Data servers such as Adaptive Server, SQL Anywhere, Microsoft SQL Server, Universal Database (UDB), and Oracle handle quoted identifiers differently in terms of length, special characters, and reserved words supported. In a heterogeneous environment, you must ensure that the quoted identifiers being replicated are valid on both the primary and replicate data servers.

  • rs_set_quoted_identifier is added to the default function string classes and has function-string-class scope.

  • When dsi_quoted_identifier is on, Replication Server sends rs_set_quoted_identifier to the replicate data server to signal the data server to expect quoted identifiers. If the replicate data server is Adaptive Server, SQL Anywhere, or Microsoft SQL Server, rs_set_quoted_identifier is set to set quoted_identifiers on command. Otherwise, rs_set_quoted_identifier is set to "".