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Enables replication of encrypted columns to an Adaptive Server table.

Example 1

Alters rs_set_ciphertext for non-Adaptive Server databases that do not support “set ciphertext on”:

alter function string rs_set_ciphertext
	for some_function_string_class
	output language
  • rs_set_ciphertext is called after rs_usedb for any user database connection. Replication Server does not call this function string for Replication Server connections and RSSD connections.

  • rs_set_ciphertext issues "set ciphertext on" for the rs_default_function_class and the rs_sqlserver_function_class. For all other function classes, rs_set_ciphertext is set to null (an empty string).

  • In case of failure, Replication Server continues running and does not report back to the user. This is for backward compatibility with older versions of Adaptive Server that do not support “set ciphertext on”.

  • Encrypted columns come to Replication Server in <varbinary>, encrypted form. For materialization and dematerialization, Replication Server must either “set ciphertext on” for the database connection, or call the Adaptive Server ciphertext() function.

  • Replication Server always sets the ciphertext property on, whether there is an encrypted column to be replicated, or whether the target database accepts ciphertext property.

  • Do not specify encrypted columns as searchable. Replication Server does not know if a <varbinary> column is ciphertext or plain binary and cannot prevent an encrypted column being a search column.

  • Do not map encrypted columns to other than <varbinary> datatypes. Replication Server does not know if a column is encrypted or not and cannot prevent ciphertext being converted to other datatypes.

  • Replication Server cannot encrypt <text>, <unitext>, and <image> columns.