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Passes its parameter to Replication Server as an independent command.

rs_marker @<rs_api>

A <varchar(255)> character string that contains data used for subscription materialization.

Example 1
create function string rs_marker
 for sqlserver_derived_class
 output language
 'execute rs_marker
     @rs_api = ?rs_api!param?'
  • rs_marker allows Replication Server to insert data into the transaction log so that it can be retrieved by the RepAgent thread.

  • The rs_marker function has function-string-class scope.

  • Replication Server creates an initial rs_marker function string for the system-provided function-string classes during installation.

  • If you use a user-created base function-string class, create a function string for the rs_marker function.

  • Create or customize an rs_marker function string at the Replication Server that is the primary site for the class.

  • Replication Server uses rs_marker during subscription materialization to pass the activate subscription and validate subscription commands to the primary Replication Server via the primary database log.

  • The RepAgent for the primary database must recognize an rs_marker function execution and pass the @<rs_api> parameter to the primary Replication Server as a command.

  • For Adaptive Server databases, an Adaptive Server replicated stored procedure named rs_marker is created when the database is set up for Replication Server. This stored procedure is marked “replicated” using the sp_setrepproc system procedure.

  • When the Adaptive Server RepAgent encounters an rs_marker execution in the transaction log, it sends the @<rs_api> parameter to the primary Replication Server as a command.


Do not change the rs_marker function string or invoke the rs_marker stored procedure except when you create bulk subscriptions as described in the Replication Server Administration Guide Volume 1.