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Checks to see if a table is marked for replication.

Example 1

Creates an rs_check_repl function string that executes the rs_check_repl_stat stored procedure.

create function string rs_check_repl
 for sqlserver_derived_class
 output language
 'execute rs_check_repl_stat
  @rs_repl_name = ?rs_repl_name!param?'
  • The rs_check_repl function has function-string-class scope.

  • Replication Server creates an initial rs_check_repl function string for the system-provided function-string classes during installation.

  • If you use a user-created base function-string class, you must create an rs_check_repl function string.

  • Create or customize an rs_check_repl function string at the Replication Server that is the primary site for the class.