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rs_batch_start allows users to batch commands into non-Adaptive Server database servers. This function string stores the SQL statements needed to mark the beginning of a batch of commands.

Example 1
Alters rs_batch_start function string so that the SQL output of the function-string class sqlserver_derived_class is BEGIN.
alter function string publishers.rs_batch_start
for sqlserver_derived_class
output language
  • The rs_batch_start function has function-string-class scope.

  • Use of rs_batch_start is not necessary for Adaptive Server or any other data server that supports command batching by the function strings rs_begin and rs_commit.

  • rs_batch_start and the batch of commands following it is sent to the replicate data server only if use_batch_markers is set to on. rs_batch_start is sent after rs_begin.

  • Replication Server does not use the command separator following rs_batch_start. If the replicate database server requires a command separator following the marker for the beginning of a batch, it is included as part of the string for rs_batch_start. This separator must be included as part of the function string whether it is the same or different from the dsi_cmd_separator parameter.

  • The rs_batch_start, a batch of commands, and rs_batch_end may be repeated if more than one batch is required due to commands being flushed by limits such as dsi_cmd_batch_size.