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Sets the status of a publication to VALID, allowing new subscriptions to be created for the publication.

validate publication <pub_name
>with primary at <data_server.database>

The name of the publication to be validated.

with primary at data_server.database

Specifies the location of the primary data. If the primary database is part of a warm standby application, <data_server.database> is the name of the logical data server and database.

Example 1

Validates the publication <pubs2_pub>:

validate publication pubs2_pub
    with primary at TOKYO_DS.pubs2
  • When all of the articles have been created for a publication, you must validate the publication using validate publication before a replicate site can subscribe to it. Validating a publication verifies that the publication contains at least one article and marks the publication ready for subscription.

  • Execute validate publication at the Replication Server where you created the publication using create publication.

  • To check the status of a publication, use check publication. This command displays the number of articles the publication contains and indicates if the publication is valid.

See the Replication Server Administration Guide Volume 1 and Volume 2 for more information about subscription materialization.


validate publication requires “create object” permission.