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Deletes a single message in a stable queue.

sysadmin sqm_zap_command, <q_number>, <q_type>,
 <seg>, <blk>, <row>
q_number, q_type

Identifies the stable queue with the message to be deleted. Find these values using admin who, admin who, sqm, and admin who, sqt.


Identifies the segment in the stable queue.


Identifies the 16K block in the segment. Block numbering starts at 1 and ends at 64.


The row number in the block of the command to be deleted.

Example 1
sysadmin sqm_zap_command
sysadmin sqm_zap_command, 103, 1, 15, 65, 2
  • The Replication Server must be in standalone mode to use sysadmin sqm_zap_command.

  • Use sysadmin dump_queue to locate the message you want to delete.

  • sysadmin sqm_zap_command marks a message in a stable queue as deleted. When Replication Server processes the queue, it ignores the marked message.

  • You can restore a message using sysadmin sqm_unzap_command. This command removes the delete mark from the message.

  • If you delete a message and then restart Replication Server in normal mode, the part of the queue holding the message may have been processed. If it was, you cannot restore the message with sysadmin sqm_unzap_command.


sysadmin sqm_zap_command requires “sa” permission.