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Purges all messages from a stable queue.


Purging messages from a stable queue can result in data loss and should be used only with the advice of SAP Technical Support. Replication Server cannot send purged messages to the destination database or Replication Server, and this causes inconsistencies in the replication system. If a queue contains subscription marker messages or route messages, using this command can have severe consequences.

sysadmin sqm_purge_queue, <q_number>, <q_type>
q_number, q_type

Identifies the stable queue to be purged. Find these using admin who, admin who, sqm, or admin who, sqt.

Example 1

Purges all messages from inbound queue number 103:

sysadmin sqm_purge_queue, 103, 1 
  • sysadmin sqm_purge_queue removes messages destined to another Replication Server from a stable queue. Use this command when your queues are filled with messages.

  • sysadmin sqm_purge_queue can only be executed when the Replication Server has been started in standalone mode.


Requires “sa” permission.