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sysadmin purge_route_at_replicateLocate this document in the navigation structure

Removes all references to a primary Replication Server from a replicate Replication Server.

sysadmin purge_route_at_replicate, <replication_server>

The name of the primary Replication Server to be purged from the replicate’s RSSD.

Example 1

Purges the primary Replication Server, TOKYO_RS, from the replicate’s RSSD:

sysadmin purge_route_at_replicate, TOKYO_RS
  • Use sysadmin purge_route_at_replicate to remove all subscriptions and route information originating from a specified primary Replication Server after the route is dropped from it. This is useful after drop route with nowait is executed at the primary Replication Server.

  • If there is a route from the current Replication Server to the specified primary Replication Server, you must drop the route before executing this command.

  • If a subscription was materializing when drop route with nowait was executed at the primary Replication Server, a materialization queue may be left at the replicate Replication Server. Use sysadmin drop_queue to remove this queue.


Use sysadmin purge_route_at_replicate only if the drop route with nowait command was executed at the primary Replication Server or if the primary Replication Server is lost and will not be recovered.


sysadmin purge_route_at_replicate requires “sa” permission.