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Turns on hibernation mode for (or suspends) the Replication Server.


The sysadmin hibernate_on command may result in loss detection when Replication Server has routes.

sysadmin hibernate_on [, <string_ID>]

A valid identifier. You must use the same <string_ID> when you execute sysadmin hibernate_off. You can use <string_ID> to ensure that no-one else accidentally turns off hibernation mode for the Replication Server while you are working on it.

If you forget the <string_ID>, you can find it in the <text >column of the <rs_recovery >system table.

Example 1

This command turns on the hibernation mode of the Replication Server (TOKYO_RS):

sysadmin hibernate_on, TOKYO_RS
  • Hibernation mode is a Replication Server state in which:
    • all Data Definition Language (DDL) commands are rejected,

    • most service threads, such as Data Server Interface (DSI), distributor, and Replication Server Interface (RSI) sender threads, are suspended,

    • all routes and connections are suspended, and

    • RSI users are logged off and not allowed to log back into the Replication Server.

  • You can execute system information (admin) and system administration (sysadmin) type commands while in hibernation mode.

  • Execute this command at the Replication Server for which you want to turn on hibernation mode.

  • You can turn hibernation mode on for a Replication Server to help you debug problems.


sysadmin hibernate_on requires “sa” permission.