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Updates the route version to the site version of the lower of the primary or replicate Replication Server.

Upgrading a route rematerializes the data in system tables and makes information associated with new features available to a newly upgraded Replication Server.


Use sysadmin fast_route_upgrade only if the primary Replication Server has not used new features that require materialization.

sysadmin fast_route_upgrade, <dest_replication_server>

The destination Replication Server for the route.

Example 1

In these examples, the site version of TOKYO_RS is 1200. SYDNEY_RS has just been upgraded from 11.5 to 12.0; its site version is 1200. Issued at the source Replication Server (SYDNEY_RS) for the route terminating at the Tokyo Replication Server (TOKYO_RS), this command sets the version of the route to 12.0. New features have not yet been used at SYDNEY_RS:

sysadmin fast_route_upgrade, TOKYO_RS
  • Whenever Replication Servers at both ends of a route have been upgraded and site versions set to 11.5 or later, you must upgrade each route that connects the two servers to enable new features to flow through it. Issue this command at the source Replication Server to update the route version.

  • Use sysadmin fast_route_upgrade to upgrade the route if new features have not been used at the source Replication Server.

  • If you have used new features at the source Replication Server, the command is rejected and you must upgrade the route using:
    sysadmin upgrade, “route”, <dest_replication_server>

sysadmin fast_route_upgrade requires “sa” permission.