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Specifies an alternative log file name for use when dumping a Replication Server stable queue.

sysadmin dump_file [, <file_name>]

The name of the new log file that stable queue dumps are to be written to.

Example 1

Specifies <pubs2.log> as the file for logging stable queue output:

sysadmin dump_file, 'pubs2.log'
  • Use sysadmin dump_file to specify a log file name before you use sysadmin dump_queue to dump the log to a file.

  • To reset the current dump file to the default, execute sysadmin dump_file without specifying a file name.

  • If a file name is specified, the current dump file is closed and a new file is opened. The new file uses the specified file name.

  • The default dump file is the Replication Server log. Use admin log_name to display the path to this file.

  • If you enter a log file name containing characters other than letters and numerals, enclose it in quotes.


sysadmin dump_file requires “sa” permission.