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Drops a Replication Server from the ID Server.

sysadmin droprs, <replication_server>

The name of the Replication Server you want to drop.

Example 1

Drops the SYDNEY_RS Replication Server from the ID Server:

sysadmin droprs, SYDNEY_RS
  • Use sysadmin droprs to drop a Replication Server from the ID Server. This command can be executed only at an ID Server.

  • You can use sysadmin droprs when the ID Server contains information about a Replication Server that does not exist in the replication system. Such a scenario is usually a result of a system failure. For example, if a Replication Server installation fails, the ID Server system tables may contain entries for the Replication Server, preventing subsequent attempts to install the Replication Server.

  • You are not notified when you enter an invalid argument.


Use sysadmin droprs with caution when removing an active Replication Server. For the correct procedure on removing an active Replication Server, see the Replication Server Administration Guide Volume 1.


sysadmin droprs requires “sa” permission.