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Suspends a route to another Replication Server.

suspend route to <dest_replication_server>
 [with primary at <dataserver.database>] 

The name of the destination Replication Server, the route to which is to be suspended.

with primary

Specifies the connection from the primary database that you want to suspend a dedicated route from.

Example 1

Suspends the route to the SYDNEY_RS Replication Server:

suspend route to SYDNEY_RS
Example 2

To suspend the dedicated route (between the RS_NY primary Replication Server and the RS_LON replicate Replication Server) for the NY_DS.pdb1 primary connection at RS_NY, enter:

suspend route to RS_LON
 with primary at NY_DS.pdb1
  • Use the suspend route command to suspend a route to another Replication Server. This command lets you manage network use by controlling when messages are sent from one Replication Server to another.

  • While a route is suspended, Replication Server holds messages for the destination Replication Server in a stable queue.

  • You can suspend only direct routes.

  • To reactivate a suspended route, use resume route.


suspend route requires “sa” permission.