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Disconnects a RepAgent from a Replication Server and prevents a RepAgent from connecting.

suspend log transfer
 from {<data_server>.<database> | all}

The data server with the database whose RepAgent is to be suspended.


The database whose RepAgent is to be suspended or whose connections are to be disallowed.


Instructs Replication Server to suspend all RepAgents and to disallow future connections for all RepAgents.

Example 1

Disconnects the RepAgent for the <pubs2> database and does not permit it to reconnect:

suspend log transfer from TOKYO_DS.pubs2
Example 2

Disconnects all connected RepAgents and does not permit any RepAgent to reconnect to the Replication Server:

suspend log transfer from all
  • Use suspend log transfer to disconnect a RepAgent. This is the first step in quiescing the replication system. suspend log transfer does not shut down the RepAgent.

  • To test whether the system is quiesced after suspending a RepAgent, use admin quiesce_check.

  • To allow RepAgents to connect to the Replication Server, execute resume log transfer.


suspend log transfer requires “sa” permission.