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Suspends a connection to a database.

suspend connection to <data_server>.<database>
[with nowait]

The name of the data server with the database whose connection is to be suspended.


The name of the database whose connection is to be suspended.

with nowait

Suspends the connection immediately.

Example 1

Suspends the connection to the <pubs2> database in the SYDNEY_DS data server:

suspend connection to SYDNEY_DS.pubs2
  • Suspending a connection temporarily halts replication activities for the database.

  • Connections are suspended so they can be altered with alter connection or so that maintenance can be performed. You can also use suspend connection to control when replicate databases are updated.

  • While a connection is suspended, Replication Server holds transactions for the database in stable queues.

  • If suspend connection is executed without the with nowait clause, Replication Server attempts to complete any transaction that is in progress. However, the connection to the data server may be suspended before the transaction is completed.

  • To reactivate the connection, use resume connection.


suspend connection requires “sa” permission.