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Lists the contents of the connection stack.

show connection
Example 1
Shows the connection stack after ost_replinuxvm_02, an ID server, creates a gateway to ost_replinuxvm_03:
isql -Usa -P -S ost_replinuxvm_02
1> connect to ost_replinuxvm_03
2> go
Gateway connection to 'ost_replinuxvm_03' is created.
1> show connection
2> go
  • Cascaded connections created in the gateway are kept in a connection stack, with the Replication Server that issued the first connect command placed at the bottom of the stack.

  • The disconnect command behaves differently in Replication Server 15.1 or earlier. In these versions, a disconnect command terminates the gateway mode, and returns the working server status to the Replication Server that issued the first connect command. When your connection stack includes Replication Server versions 15.2, and 15.1 or earlier, and you issued a disconnect command, the show connection and show server commands may not display the expected output.


Any user may execute this command.