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Switches to another user.

set proxy [to] [<user_name> [verify password <passwd>]]

A valid Replication Server login name.

verify password

Verifies the password of a Replication Server user.


The password of a valid Replication Server user.

  • set proxy <user_name> switches to a new user with all the permissions of the new user and none of the permissions of the original user.

  • The new user can always switch back to the original user, whether or not the new user has “sa” permission, by entering set proxy without a user name.

  • set proxy <user_name> verify password <passwd> allows a user without sa permission to switch to another user—if the correct password for <user_name> is entered.


set proxy <user_name> requires “sa” permission. Any user can execute set proxy and set proxy <user_name> verify password <passwd.>