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Revokes permissions from users.

revoke {sa | connect source | create object |
 primary subscribe}
 from <user>

Denies permission to execute commands that require “sa” permission.

connect source

Denies permission to execute RCL commands used by RepAgents or other Replication Servers.

create object

Denies permission to create, alter, and drop Replication Server objects such as replication definitions, subscriptions, and function strings.

primary subscribe

Denies permission to create subscriptions for a replicated table if the primary data is managed by the current Replication Server.


The login name of the user whose permission is to be revoked.

Example 1

Prevents user “thom” from executing commands that create or modify Replication Server objects:

revoke create object from thom
Example 2

Prevents user “louise” from creating subscriptions for primary data managed by this Replication Server, unless she has “create object” or “sa” permission at the primary Replication Server:

revoke primary subscribe from louise
  • revoke requires “sa” permission.

  • The “sa” permission cannot be revoked from the “sa” user login name.


revoke requires “administrator” permission.