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Allows the RepAgent to connect to the Replication Server.

resume log transfer
 from {<data_server>.<database> | all}

The name of the data server with the database whose RepAgent is to be connected to the Replication Server.


The database whose RepAgent is to connect to the Replication Server.


Permits RepAgents for all databases managed by the Replication Server to connect.

Example 1

The Replication Server will accept connections from any RepAgent:

resume log transfer from all
Example 2

The Replication Server will accept a connection from a RepAgent for the <pubs2> database in the SYDNEY_DS data server:

resume log transfer from SYDNEY_DS.pubs2
  • When you quiesce a Replication Server or the replication system, use suspend log transfer to cause Replication Server to refuse RepAgent connections.

  • resume log transfer allows the RepAgent threads to connect to a Replication Server upon which suspend log transfer has been executed.

  • Normally, the RepAgent retries its connection to Replication Server following a suspend log transfer until resume log transfer allows it to reconnect. However, if the RepAgent is down for any reason, resume log transfer does not restart it.

  • After resuming log transfer from ERSSD, the recovery daemon will automatically restart the ERSSD RepAgent when it wakes up.


resume log transfer requires “sa” permission.