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Assigns permissions to users.

grant {sa | create object | primary subscribe |
 connect source}
 to <user>

Users with “sa” permission can execute any RCL command.

create object

Allows the recipient to create, alter, and drop Replication Server objects, such as replication definitions, subscriptions, and function strings.

primary subscribe

Allows recipient to create subscriptions for a replicated table whose primary data is managed by the current Replication Server.

connect source

This permission is granted to RepAgents and other Replication Servers to log in to the Replication Server.


The login name of a user who is to receive the permission.

Example 1

Allows the user “thom” to execute any Replication Server command:

grant sa to thom
Example 2

Allows the user “louise” to create subscriptions:

grant primary subscribe to louise
  • The “sa” permission cannot be revoked from the “sa” user.

  • The “connect source” permission is needed by the RSI or RepAgent. Refer to the Replication Server installation and configuration guides for your platform for more information.

  • For each RCL command described in this manual, the minimum permission required to execute the command is shown. For a list of minimum permissions for all commands, see the Replication Server Administration Guide Volume 1.

  • The users who are not granted any permissions can only monitor Replication Server activities.


grant requires “sa” permission.