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Drops a replication definition and its functions.

drop replication definition <replication_definition>

The name of the replication definition to drop.

Example 1

Drops the replication definition named <publishers_rep> and any function strings that exist for it:

drop replication definition publishers_rep
  • Use drop replication definition to remove a replication definition. Before a replication definition can be dropped, all subscriptions for it must be dropped.

  • Execute drop replication definition at the primary Replication Server for the replication definition.

  • If the dropped replication definition is the last replication definition for a primary table stored in an Adaptive Server, then, execute sp_setreptable in the database after the replication definition is dropped. Set the table replicate status to false to stop the Adaptive Server from logging special replication records for the table.

  • If you use more than one version of Replication Server (for example, Replication Server version 11.5 and version 11.0.<x>) and create multiple replication definitions for the same primary table, the first replication definition created, which has the same primary and replicate table names, the same primary and replicate column names, and does not include table owner name, is marked and propagated to Replication Servers of version 11.0.<x> or earlier.

    When a replication definition that was propagated to a Replication Server of version 11.0.<x> or earlier is dropped, the oldest replication definition (if there is one) compatible with 11.0.<x> is propagated to 11.0.<x> or earlier sites. See create replication definition for more information about working with replication definitions in a mixed-version environment.

  • Replication Server distributes information about the dropped replication definition to qualifying sites through the replication system. The changes do not appear immediately at all sites because of normal replication system lag time.


drop replication definition requires “create object” permission.