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Removes a disk partition from the Replication Server.

drop partition <logical_name>

The name assigned to a partition created with create partition.

Example 1

Drops the partition named <P1> from the Replication Server:

drop partition P1
  • Use drop partition to remove a disk partition. This command first marks the partition as “pending drop.” Once it is marked, no new data is written on the partition.

    After all of the data stored on the partition has been successfully delivered, the partition is dropped.


    If not all the data stored on the partition is ready to drop, drop partition can create confusing behavior. For example, when a partition queue contains a segment that is filled only partially, the queue cannot drop until the segment is filled. Since the partition is designated “pending drop,” the segment cannot fill, and the command fails to drop the partition.

  • For a complete discussion of recovering from failed partitions, see the Replication Server Administration Guide Volume 2.


drop partition requires “sa” permission.