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Drops a user-defined function and its function strings.

drop function [<replication_definition>.]<function>

The name of the replication definition the function was created for.


The name of the function to drop.

Example 1

Drops the <upd_publishers> user-defined function for the <publishers_rep> replication definition. Also drops any function strings defined for the function:

drop function publishers_rep.upd_publishers
  • Use drop function to remove a function name and any function strings that have been created for it.

  • Execute drop function at the Replication Server where the replication definition was created.

  • You cannot drop system functions. For more information about system functions, see Replication Server System Functions.

  • Replication Server distributes information about the dropped user-defined function to qualifying sites through the replication system. The changes do not appear immediately at all such sites because of normal replication system lag time.

  • When you drop a user-defined function for a replication definition, it is dropped for all replication definitions in the primary table.

  • Do not execute drop function for replicated functions. Use drop function rep def instead.


drop function requires “create object” permission.