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Removes a database from the replication system.

drop connection to <data_server>.<database>

The name of the data server with the database to be removed from the replication system.


The name of the database whose connection is to be dropped.

Example 1

Drops the connection to the <pubs2> database in the SYDNEY_DS data server:

drop connection to SYDNEY_DS.pubs2
  • Use drop connection to remove database connection information from the Replication Server system tables for default connections and alternate connections. This command does not remove replicated data from any database in the system.

  • Before you drop a connection:
    • Drop any subscriptions that replicate data to the database.

    • If the connection is to a primary database, drop any replication definitions for tables in the database.

  • Before you re-create a connection to a database with the same name, you may need to use sysadmin dropdb.

  • Replication Server distributes information about the dropped database connection to qualifying sites through the replication system. The changes do not appear immediately at all such sites because of normal replication system lag time.


drop connection requires “sa” permission.